Interactive and innovative cup

Ermes- the messenger is an interactive and innovative cup,  which has been designed for the company Bibo Spa (

The target of this project was to design a cup with a pleasant and attractive shape, that could  above all enhance the taste of coffee.  Moreover, the cup stacking only measures  2 mm.


How does it work?

An embossed insert will be printed on the front of the cup, with a "meshtag", which is a "drawable barcode" that you can create by drawing triangles and sides of triangles.  Then you can attach a web link or a message that anyone can access by scanning the tag with the Meshtag app.

 When you scan the meshtag, your glass will be registered and will become a smart glass, that will contain a lot of information, such as : data analysis, global interactions, emotional feedback, information, eco strategies and gamification.  For this reason the cup is called: Ermes the messenger, because it allows people to interact with it.

The project was exhibited both in the Break Cups exhibition at Castello del Valentino (Turin) and in the Design & Territori exhibition held in Palermo.

Designer: Martina Derito - Leonardo Moiso - Saverio Panichi

Workshop by Innovation Design Lab (IDLab) - Politecnico di Torino

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