From local marker flowers are born

This project aims to draw the reader's attention to the issue of food waste in the city of Palermo, bringing him/her to greater focus to the ownership and the benefits that the reintegration of these waste could have within a new economic system.

With the view to transforming waste into a resource, it is necessary to overcome the waste limit understood as waste-garbage and begin to consider it as a waste-resource from one system, ready to become an input to another.

This concept lays the foundations of systemic design, which is an economic model based on creating a network of relationships capable of transforming the outputs of production system outputs into raw material (input) for another process connected in collaboration with production processes, environment, territorial context and the community.
The motivation that pushed me to deepen the topic is the bad waste management in Sicily.

Cities such as Palermo, Syracuse, Messina and Enna are defined as the worst by the Italian provinces for separate waste collection.

This is a solution for the reuse of organic waste highlighting its peculiarities, since, often, the lack of civic sense of citizens leads to acts of degradation that controls the proliferation of illegal landfills and garbage scattered everywhere

A survey was conducted on the Palermo city markets and specifically in the Ballarò market area.

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